Payment Modalities

Membership fee

The fee is 40.00 Euro for one year.

Non-European Members

You can pay by credit card using PayPal. To avoid bank fees, this is the recommend procedure for non-european members. To pay via PayPal, please follow this link. Bank transfers are welcome, but charged! Paying in cash is possible at any CoMeT meeting.

To our European Members

If you prefer to transfer the money via bank transfer, please do so using the account information below:

IBAN: DE40300606010007070932

Payments from EU countries will cost you the same as a bank transfer within your country. Mark transfer fees as “SHA”/”shared”.
If you are in a non-EU country please ask your bank what they will charge you for a transfer to Germany!

Recurrent Payments/Direct Debiting Mandate

Starting 1 January 2014 it is possible to have a direct debiting mandate in all SEPA countries. This will allow CoMeT to charge the membership fee automatically every year. This is the easiest way for you as well as for CoMeT. Please complete the pdf document below, print and sign it and either scan and send it to


The old debit authorisations will no longer work. If you already granted us the mandate you will have to do so again with the new form!