Article 5 of the By-Laws


There shall be four classes of membership:

  1. Founding Members: the aforementioned eleven specialists
  2. Fellows: All Founding Members. Laryngologists and phoniatricians, nominated by one or more Fellows and elected by a two- thirds majority of the active membership. Sponsors must affirm in writing that the candidates meet the requirements of actual specialization in this defined field of medicine.
  3. Associate Members: Physicians, scientists, voicre coaches, and voice pathologists with special qualifications and interest in the vocal problems of singers and actors. Candidates for associate membership must be proposed in writing by two or more Fellows and elected by a two-thirds majority of the active membership.
  4. The Collegium may have honorary members.
  5. Senior Members: ordinary members having retired from their active position above the age of sixty-five (65) may become a senior member upon request; these members shall not be required to pay the annual fee, but have the right to vote.

Nominated Fellows and Associate Memberes shall be asked to send their relevant publication and curricula vitae to the President. The President is authorized to appoint a separate membership Committee of each applicant, consisting of three Members of whom one must reside in the country of the applicant, if available.

Members of this Committee are to advise the President immediately if they can not review and in that case to return the material within 30 days, so that other Committee members can be appointed. The Committee shall evaluate the applicants scientific and professional eligibility for membership and send their report back to the president within 60 days.

Members must attend one out of every three successive meetings to maintain active status. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in their automatic relegation to inactive status, i.e. loss of the right to vote (unless excused by ill health or government regulations).

All members have equal duties and rights except that new members are nominated by Fellows only and that inactive members have no right to vote. To remain a member, payment of membership fees must not lag behind more than two years including the current year. Ex-members who want to renew their membership shall be accepted after payment of 3 membership fees the first year. Regional professional bodies may be given affiliation status on vote of 2/3 majority of Active Membership. Members of affiliated Collegiums may attend meetings of the Collegium, but will have no right to vote. Announcements of meetings of the Collegium shall be mailed to affiliated Collegiums.