Art. 1: Constitution

Article 1 of the By-Laws

Originated: Mexico, August 14, 1969

On August 14, 1969, the following laryngologists convened in the Centro Medico, Mexico City for the purpose of founding an Collegium of physicians with a special interest in the voice of singers and actors:

  •     Mr. John Ballantyne, London, England
  •     Dr. Giuseppe Bellussi, Roma, Italy
  •     Dr. Wilbur J. Gould, New York, USA
  •     Dr. Ikuichiro Hiroto, Kurume, Japan
  •     Dr. Ernst Loebell, Muchen, Germany
  •     Dr. Jorge Perello, Barcelona, Spain
  •     Dr. Renato Segre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  •     Dr. Toshio Shiroiwa, Tokyo, Japan
  •     Dr. Severino Tarasco, Mexico, D. F. Mexico
  •     Dr. Bernard Vallancien, Paris, France
  •     Dr. Hans von Leden, Los Angeles, USA