Article 7 of the By-Laws

The annual membership fee shall be determined by the Executive Committee. Members shall not be expelled for non-payment of more than two membership fees if their failure is the result of bona fide political or economical conditions.

Article 8 of the By-Laws

The General Assembly consists of all the active members and shall convene at every annual meeting of the Collegium. There shall be two further types of meetings:

  • Seminars, colloguia, symposia or courses by invitation and limited to specific subjects designated in advance.
  • General reunions on the occasion of international congresses of otorhinolaryngology or phoniatrics.

The scientific programme of any CoMeT meeting shall be approved by the President. Only reports or papers which are directly or indirectly related to the interests of the Collegium shall be accepted. Any paper presented by a non-member must be sponsored by 2 or more active members.