Art. 10: Amendments

Article 10 of the By-Laws

These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the active members present at any General Assembly of the Collegium, provided that written notice of the proposed change has been given to the President 30 days in advance, to be sent on to all members.

History of AMENDMENTS to the By-Laws of the CoMeT

AMENDMENT 1992; Hanover, Germany:

Article 5 Membership: about Senior Members Article 5e added

Article 7 Dues: Membership fee set to 30 SFr. (in 2008 changed in: The annual Membership fee shall be determined by the Executive Committee. [ The rest of the article remains unchanged].

AMENDMENT 1996; Salsomaggiore, Italy:

Article 6, section 3: Rephrased in: Members of the Executive Committee may remain in office for maximum period of 6 years. The president serves one term of three years only.

AMENDMENT 1997; Paris, France:

Article 5, section added: Regional Professional Bodies may be given affiliation status on vote of 2/3 majority of Active Membership, Memberes of affiliated organizations may attend CoMeT Meetings, but will have no voting privilages, Announcement of CoMeT Meetings will be mailed to affiliated societies.

Article 5, section extended: The President is authorized to appoint a separate Membership Committee of each applicant, consisting of three Members of whom one must reside in the country of the applicant, if available.

The By-laws of the Collegium Medicorum Theatri have been adjusted to the Dutch law of registration – March 2008.

The Collegium is registered under the Dutch law in the Netherlands, Groningen and known under the registration number 01130573 at the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen.

The Board appointed in 2011 consists as follows:

  • John RUBIN , President , London UK
  • Philippe DEJONCKERE; President-elect  2012 , Utrecht , Netherland
  • Josef SCJLOEMICHER-Thier , Secretary , Salzburg , Austria
  • Matthias WEIKERT , Treasurer , Regensburg , Germany